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What's in it for you?We credit accepted material to its author (actually, we insist on it -- sorry no anonymous submissions). In addition to your name, your credit may also (optionally) include your job title, e-mail address, employer, university degree(s), professional certifications/associations and a link to you or your employer's web site. All we ask is that you're truthful and brief. Readers will be turned off by a credit paragraph that is implausible or longer than the rest of the article.

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It's is easy. We use Word for Windows, but have filters for all but any particularly recent versions of most popular word processors. We also accept plain text and HTML files. Attach the file to an e-mail and send it to We'll also accept submissions as text typed into a simple e-mail sent to the same address.

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Rules and Regulations:(you knew there had to be some)
  1. You must have full rights to publish the material here. DO NOT plagiarize. DO NOT submit material if you have already assigned the publication rights to another person or organization. 
  2. Contributions must be informational, not promotional.
  3. Any opinions expressed must be rational conclusions based on facts and justified in the article.
  4. The article must be on a topic related to marketing communication.
  5. We will not knowingly publish product or service reviews from the vendor or its ad agency or PR firm. Please don't try to disguise the real source. Every product has a few weaknesses. If we receive a product/service review that is not balanced we will be suspicious and may reject it.
  6. We will not knowingly publish product or service reviews from a vendor of a competitive product/service or its ad agency or PR firm. Redundancy notwithstanding, please don't try to disguise the real source. Every product has a few strengths. If we receive a product/service review that is not balanced we will be suspicious and may reject it.
  7. Don't bash a product or service just for the sake of bashing it. If there is information that should be out there, back up opinions with hard facts.
  8. We will format the article to conform to a common look and feel. However, we will not intentionally change the content without the author's permission. If we accidentally alter content when reformatting it, please let us know once it is published and we will move quickly to correct the error.
  9. There are no set rules on length, but be concise. We will likely reject an article that rambles.
  10. Focus your article on a single topic. If you want to convey disparate information, split it into multiple articles. There is no limit on the number of articles we will accept from a single author.
  11. If graphics will enhance your article, feel free to include them. You must provide them in a Web standard format -- GIF or JPEG. Keep the graphics as small and clean as possible. While there may be exceptional situations, we would like to keep all articles, including graphics, under 30K and preferably under 15K.
  12. You accept full responsibility for the accuracy and liability of the published material. We will include a disclaimer to that effect.
  13. All pages on MarcommWise may include banner advertising. From time to time, in a normal ad rotation, a competitor's ad may appear on your page. To prevent this, we offer authors and/or their employers the opportunity to buy exclusive advertising rights to their article for a fixed cost per year. Please see our advertising page for current rates. Authors and/or their employers are the only people who can buy exclusive rights to an article.
  14. MarcommWise reserves the right to reject any article for any reason. Reasons may include such things as redundancy with another published or accepted article, lack of focus on a marketing communications topic, or the article breaks any of the other rules above.
  15. While you retain ownership of the material, by your submission you grant us permission to run it indefinitely on the MarcommWise site.
  16. All articles are reviewed before being published. Please be patient with us. While we want to work as fast as possible, we put quality ahead of speed on our list of priorities.


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