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No Throwaway Marketing Phrases

By: Robert Middleton

Robert Middleton, of Action Plan Marketing in Palo Alto, Calif., has helped hundreds of professional service businesses attract new clients and get paid what they're worth.

His website is a resource for marketing professional services. Visit it at Action Plan Marketing.

Working with a client on a presentation last week, I commented that he was communicating the heart of his message as a "throwaway phrase" and spending too much time on details that weren't important. His communication lacked the impact it needed to persuade.

Successful marketing is, above all, about communication. Real communication is not about spewing out words. In marketing, your primary goal is to communicate the benefits or advantages your prospect will receive from your services.

Here are some important things to pay attention to when presenting your services to prospective clients.
  1. Know who you are speaking to. Everyone thinks differently. Everyone has different needs and interests. So in communication, one size does not fit all. Adapt your presentation to your audience. Tune into their style of communication, their needs and their interests.

  2. Spend more time listening. Ask questions to understand where your prospect is coming from. When you make a statement, confirm if it makes sense or not. Try to discover what's important to them. Then build your presentation on a benefits foundation that truly addresses their concerns.

  3. When presenting complex concepts, work with one idea at a time. Don't overwhelm your prospect with more information than they can process. If you tell them that your business specializes in improving productivity, let them know exactly what you mean by productivity and exactly what you mean by improvement.

  4. Use stories or examples to illuminate your conceptual ideas. Tell the story of a client who tripled productivity and what part you had in helping them do that. Infuse your story with details, dialogue, personality and drama. Nothing communicates value more powerfully.

  5. Make sure the presentation revolves around your central idea: the benefit or result you provide or deliver. Don't get off track by talking about WHAT YOU DO instead of WHAT THEY GET.
If you do the above, I guarantee you'll get more response, interest and commitment from your prospects.

© Copyright 2000, Robert Middleton

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