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Marketing Overview (Part 1): Advertising

By: Cliff Hauser

This article is part of a presentation given in panel form at a seminar at California State University in January, 1999 by Cliff Hauser, President of Hauser Advertising. Mr. Hauser has also guest-lectured at Art Center in Pasadena. Hauser Advertising is a full service advertising firm specializing in marketing and branding-driven advertising. For philosophy and portfolios, you may visit them at

Over time, we've found that a clarification of the three principal disciplines for implementing marketing strategy can prove helpful to those trying to better understand the field because it is easy for the uninitiated to confuse one with another. The three areas are: Advertising, Publicity and Promotion. This first article will contains a VERY basic overview of Advertising.


Advertising can be divided into creative, production and placement (also referred to as "media buying.") Advertising creative is the process of translating the previously determined marketing direction into exciting, inspiring and motivating images for each medium in the advertising placement plan. Minimally, there will be print and audio visual campaigns for newspaper and television advertising. Advertising production involves the physical production of these materials, including scans, composition, retouching, typesetting, finished mechanicals, color separations and printing (in the case of print advertising).

Advertising placement (or media buying) is the art and science of apply marketing direction to decisions as to where and when to showcase your advertising creative. You must reach a certain portion ("reach") of your primary and secondary audiences ("demographics") a certain number of times ("frequency") in order to be effective. Your budget, based on sales projections, will largely impact on the decision as to the appropriate combination of reach and frequency for your buy.

In our next segment, we will talk about Publicity and Promotion and how they differ from Advertising as part of your marketing plan.

Part two: Publicity

Part three: Promotion

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