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Marketing Overview (Part 3): Promotion

By: Cliff Hauser

This article is part of a presentation given in panel form at a seminar at California State University in January, 1999 by Cliff Hauser, President of Hauser Advertising. Mr. Hauser has also guest-lectured at Art Center in Pasadena. Hauser Advertising is a full service advertising firm specializing in marketing and branding-driven advertising. For philosophy and portfolios, you may visit them at

Over time, we've found that a clarification of the three principal disciplines for implementing marketing strategy can prove helpful to those trying to better understand the field because it is easy for the uninitiated to confuse one with another. The three areas are: Advertising, Publicity and Promotion. This third article contains a VERY basic overview of Promotion as it differs from Advertising and Publicity.


Promotion is the art of connecting two parties with different products to sell in a way that is mutually beneficial to each.

Probably the most exciting example of wildly successful cross-promotion, initiated by MGM for the sale of the latest James Bond film, was "persuading" BMW to hire Pierce Brosnan, the actor who ported Mr. Bond, to appear in commercials to sell BMW's Z3. What could be more productive for the film company than to have BMW pay millions of dollars to introduce their star and film to millions of people at
no cost to MGM? And what could be more beneficial to BMW than to sell directly to their target demographic using James Bond as a spokesperson? Especially, the James Bond that MGM has spent millions of dollars to promote to millions of people to see the motion picture in which he drives a very cool BMW Z3?

Promotion is a terrific tool. It represents another win-win situation that costs little or nothing extra for either party while both sides reap
tremendous benefits.

Combined with Advertising and Publicity, Promotion completes the potent marketing mix.

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