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10 Questions You Should Ask Before Producing Your Next Brochure

By: Mary Sweeny

Mary Sweeny is a marketing writer and consultant who believes in studying her clients' businesses to maximize the power of the message. Mary owned a service business (employing 27 people) for ten years. Since selling the business in 1993, she's been writing advertising copy for, and consulting with, clients across the country. Her copy and strategies have brought sales increases of as much as 276 per cent for her clients. To learn more, visit her Web site at

A good sales brochure does more than explain and inform. It also must persuade. After all, the brochure is a sales tool. Brochure copy must do more than list facts or features. It must translate those facts and features into benefits.

Like a sales person's presentation, the brochure must place 100 percent emphasis on how the reader will come out ahead by doing business with you. Simply put, a good sales brochure sells.

To make the most of your next brochure, ask these ten questions before going into production.
  1. Where Does The Brochure Fit Into The Buying Process?

  2. Does The Brochure Stand Alone?

  3. Who Is Your Audience?

  4. Does The Cover Contain A Strong Selling Message?

  5. Is The Information Complete?

  6. Are Your Selling Points Organized?

  7. Is The Brochure Divided Into Short, Easy-to-Read Sections?

  8. Are The Visuals Hard-Working?

  9. Does The Brochure Ask For ACTION?

  10. Is The Brochure Worth Keeping?
As much money as it costs to produce a brochure today, doesn't it make good sense to take the time to scrutinize the effort to the best of your ability? Ask these ten questions of your next brochure. Then you can be sure you'll get your money's worth.

© Copyright 2000, Mary Sweeny

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