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5 Common Mistakes in Selling Technology

By: Paul DiModica

Paul DiModica is Founder of DigitalHatch Marketing, and publisher of the ebook, "How to Sell Technology",

  1. Mistake No. 1 - Most technology salespeople shoot from the hip. Let's be honest. Technology sales is a premeditated sport. If you are looking to sell professional services, web development or software applications successfully, you need to prepare every step of your customer contact process. Amateur salespeople wing it. When meeting clients for the first time, presenting to CIO's, or negotiating contracts, always sit down and plan your actions, talking points, and methodology in order to win business. Many technology salespeople become lazy and interact with customers based on the salesperson's previous experience with a particular kind of client. Professional technology salespeople know that every client is different and in this competitive economy, preparation wins business.

  2. Mistake No. 2 - Technology salespeople will not cold call. No, it's not the favorite playtime of salespeople, but if you wait for your marketing department or your inside sales force to find you that qualified lead, your competition may already be locking down a big deal in your territory and you may be too late to join the game. To increase your quota successes, add cold calling every day to your palm pilot schedule.

  3. Mistake No. 3 - Technology salespeople underestimate the importance of the client presentation. Fifty percent of all technology sales are made in the technology presentation. It is the only time when most of the decision makers are in the room and can be educated as a team about the unique characteristics of your product or service. To increase sales closing ratios, focus on the content and process of your presentation. Prepare to present.

  4. Mistake No. 4 - Not staying in touch with your prospects. Selling technology is also a contact sport. You need to interact with your prospect on a timely basis. You should touch the client every week with some communication device (e-mail, letter, brochure) prodding them to move their buy cycle closer to your sales cycle. Prospects have short memories. Don't let a more ambitious competitor steal your prospect because they are more visible in their communication.

  5. Mistake No. 5 - Underestimating the technology competition. In technology sales, it is kill or be killed. When selling a client, always assume that there is competition until you see a signed contract or purchase order. Several years ago, a study revealed that Fortune 1000 companies were negotiating with an average of four companies on the last step of a technology purchase. Simultaneously, only half of the time did the buying companies tell the vendors how many players had made the short list. Never assume you got the deal, until it is signed.

© Copyright 2001 Paul DiModica

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