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Secret Codes For Your Newsletter: ISSN Numbers

By: Maria Marsala

Maria Marsala is a trained Business & Life Coach and graduate of Coach University. Prior to forming Maria's Place for Holistic Evolution, she was a trader and manager on Wall Street and a director at a non-profit company in NY. Maria is also an Internet writer, hosts a monthly OnLine column for the Seattle New Times, and is the Business Calendar Manager for the Kitsap Business Journal. She maintains her own websie which is located at

Hey you there... have you noticed the code that has been appearing in the title area of my newsletter? It says: U.S. Library of Congress ISSN: #1534-0767. What is an ISSN number? How do you apply for one? How much does it cost? When would you use an ISSN number?

ISSN stands for: International Standard Serial Number. ISSN numbers are to your ezine, newsletter, magazine and similar type materials what USA Social Security numbers are to USA residents. They are identifiers unique to each piece of literature (I have one number for my ezine and another for my old fashioned, paper newsletter). There are International ISSN sites and a USA Library of Congress ISSN offices. In the USA procuring an ISSN number will cost you two envelopes and two stamps. Send a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) to: National Serials Data Program, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. 20540-4160 and include a note asking for the ISSN application. Sometime in the future, it will cost -0- again, when there on line application is up and running. IMO (in my opinion) ISSN numbers lend themselves to a bit of credibility and trustworthiness - very important features of any business, don't you think? So I guess it's no longer a secret! If you have an ezine or other periodical, send for your ISSN number now.

Would you like more information on ISSN? Visit International Site or the USA Library of Congress site.

© 2001 Maria Marsala, Business & Life Coach

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