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By: Kevin Nunley

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Major national magazines have high ad rates.  But did you know you can get much cheaper rates if you advertise in a regional edition?

Check your local library for the latest copy of SRDS (Standard Rate and Data).  It lists magazines that have regional editions and gives their ad rates.

Keep in mind the rates media companies list in SRDS are often their highest rates.  You can usually negotiate a lower price.

Also check into remnant space.  If the deadline for ads is approaching and an odd ad space still hasn't been filled, you can get it for a fraction of the regular price.

There are big benefits to running even a single ad in a national magazine.  From then on you can advertise your products "as seen in Newsweek."

One merchant took the magazine page with his ad  and enlarged it into a huge poster.  He put it in front of his store.  It gave his business prestige it had never before enjoyed.  Many more customers stopped by simply from seeing the poster.

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