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Train Your Sales People

By: Kevin Nunley

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I once spent some time hanging around the top Chevrolet dealership in America.  Their sales volume was awesome.

Over the course of two hours, I counted 22 new cars sold.

The secret was the sales person would get the customer interested, then the owner would step in.  He is a master salesman with a special gift for closing the deal within minutes.

Imagine how hot your sales could be if ALL your sales people could sell like a master.  You can make big strides in that direction by training your sales force to do certain things.
  1. Every sales person should know your product or service line inside out.  Have them use the product themselves.

  2. The sales pitch should be memorized.  You don't want to sound like a guide at Six Flags, so memorize the main points then deliver them naturally.

  3. Provide sales training in a number of ways.  I talk directly to employees, email instructions, and have more experienced employees explain.

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