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Tie In With Non-Profits

By: Kevin Nunley

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When the World Trade Center in New York was attacked, many business people didn't know quite how to react. Sadly, we had never seen a disaster on this level.

How should we respond?  Should we close our doors in mourning?  Or should we put our heads down and keep on plugging in the face of terrible sadness and adversity.

Within a few days, after business owners had heard from their customers, most figured out the best way to respond.

Businesses everywhere expressed their grief and condolences, then directed customers to consider contributing to a relief agency.

While customers might have felt a business that didn't acknowledge events was being uncaring, most appreciated seeing a statement of condolences on a web site, a line in an ad, or a sign on a store.

But that alone isn't enough.  Customers want to know you are doing your part to help the situation.  Working with a non-profit is an excellent way to do this.


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