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Telephone Selling Tips

By: Kevin Nunley

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The telephone is still one of the top ways to sell.  You can pick up a phone, reach just about anyone in the world, and get a very sincere conversation going.

This ability to use the phone to go anywhere and achieve a special rapport with customers makes the telephone an indispensable selling tool.

Jot down what points you want to cover in your conversation before you call.  This will help you stay on track.

Asks questions.  Remember, it's the person who asks the questions who controls the direction of the conversation.

Listen to what is going on around the person on the other end.  Managers are often very busy and may have something important come up during your call.

Offer to call back in 30 minutes or an hour.  This helps you get back to the customer fast before he has a chance to put you off indefinitely.

When customers call you, spend a few seconds in friendly banter.  Then answer questions and zero in on a product or service that can help them.


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