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Three Ways To Close A Sale

By: Kevin Nunley

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One of the hardest parts of selling anything is closing the
sale.  You know when you're having a problem with
closing.  You spend lots of time with customers, but don't
get many sales.

Here are three simple ways to close the sale:

  1. 1.  Show you really empathize with the customer.  If they hurt, you feel their pain.  If they want, you understand their desire with all your being.

  2. Ask questions.  Ask questions.  And ask more questions.  You lead the direction of the conversation.  If you get the right answers, you get the sale.

  3. Be ready to answer the objection it costs too much. Reduce the price down to what it would cost the customer by the day or per hour.

    You can also point out most everything these days costs too much.  Ask the customer how much they think they should pay for the product or service.  Once they answer you, their expectations will become more reasonable.
Finally, practice closing too soon.  What feels like "too soon" is often just right.


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