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Motivate Affiliates or Downline Members With Your Own Newsletter
A quick step-by-step guide

By: Keller Flynn

Keller Flynn offers the full spectrum of tools, ideas and action steps needed to create and run a successful affiliate program. Reach him at or 801-328-9006. Get his Extra Money Newsletter at to learn more about how you can profit from the affiliate boom.

Affiliates and downline members don't sell anything unless you keep them motivated.  This is cheap, easy, and effective with your own email newsletter.

A simple email newsletter (or ezine) keeps your product or service in front of affiliates and resellers.  You can give them new ways to sell, let them know about new products, and remind them you are there to help grow their business.  Every six-figure affiliate program owner I know spends a lot of time trying to give their members those there all-important things.  Your newsletter can achieve all three with very little work and no expense.

I'm sure you have seen dozens of newsletters.  You are probably subscribed to a few and may even have a favorite you would love to imitate.  That's fine.  Creative imitation is how almost all newsletter publishers get started.

Here is a quick 5-step way to get your first newsletter out.
  1. Give your newsletter a title.  Put it right at the top along with your name, contact info, and how to unsubscribe.  Also include a line that tells what benefit readers get from their newsletter.

    For example:
    Helpful tips to help you succeed selling gromits.

    Jim Model  800-555-1212

    Unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of this newsletter.
  2. Make a list of the things that would really help your members sell more.  Do they need to understand the product better?  Do they need to get a web site and learn ways to promote it?  Do your members simply need encouragement so they don't give up when they are just starting out or sales are slow?

    Create a heading in your newsletter for each of these concerns.  These can be the featured topics you visit in each issue of your newsletter.

    Your headings might look like this:



  3. Find or write articles or tips that can go under the headings.  Your articles don't have to be magazine-length 1,500 words long.  Most newsletter readers prefer shorter articles.  Some are as short at 100 words (about half page on a word processor.)

    You don't have to be a great writer.  The best newsletters are written with short, simple sentences that tell you how to do something.

    You can use articles written by other people.  Subscribe to some of the email article services:
    Subscribe to these free services and you will receive fresh articles each day.  You are welcome to use any of them as long as you include the author's name and contact info that comes right after the article.

  4. Now it is time to send your newsletter to your members.  If you have less then 50 members, you can send to them by putting the addresses in the BCC field of your email program.

    For larger lists, use one of the free list management services.  My favorites are and (you'll notice those are the same ones the article services are using.)

  5. Here are a couple of extras that will make your newsletter even more effective.  Include a little section where you talk about yourself, your members, and your personal life.  This may sound a bit hokey, but it works.  Readers love to hear what you're doing, what you're experiencing, and how you feel about things.
Keep your newsletter coming out regularly, but don't over do it. Newsletters that arrive three at a time or once every day should be reserved for only the most active audiences.  For most, a weekly or monthly newsletter works fine.

Newsletters are almost magical in the way they develop a strong following for you.  Even 50 interested subscribers can produce a lot of sales. Get your newsletter up to 400 to 800 subscribers and you've got a budding profit center.  2,000 subscribers produce good results for any business.  Your list will often grow faster than expected.

© Copyright 2001, Keller Flyn.

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