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By: Kevin Nunley

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In the early days of the World Wide Web, a lot of people had success placing ads on free Internet ad sites.

The idea caught on and soon there were thousands of free ad sites.

As you might guess, response went down.  People would spend a full day tediously placing ads and not see a thing come from it.

The general wisdom these days is free Internet ad sites are a waste of time.  But we may be playing the funeral dirge a bit early.

Recently we used a simple software program from to blast our classified ad to several hundred major free ad sites.

After a week, our tracking page had received 26 hits. Granted, that is nothing to write Mama about.  But 26 prospective customers for free isn't a bad deal, especially if you use this method over and over on a regular basis.

Use a subject line that gets attention.  Make your offer clear and exciting.  Send people to a special web page that puts your offer up front.

Avoid getting tons of spam by using a different email address.


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