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Send A Personal Letter

By: Kevin Nunley

Kevin Nunley provides marketing advice, copywriting, and promotion packages. See his 10,000 free marketing ideas at Reach Kevin at or 801-328-9006.

Like you, I get hundreds of sales letters every day by regular mail and email.  Most I just delete or throw away. If I know the person who is sending it, I give it a quick look.

The one exception is personal letters that are sent by regular mail.  We read them and act on them.

Address your reader with an old fashioned "Dear Jane." Include a few details about the recipient and her business.  It makes your letter more personal.

Also flatter the reader.  Let him know you find his project interesting or congratulate her on a recent award.

Indent paragraphs like the ones in this article.  Hand sign your name at the bottom and include a hand-written P.S.

You won't have time to send a lot of these personalized letters, so save them for major prospects or associates who can bring you lots of business over the long term.

To maximize your number of leads, send the less personal sales letter to everyone else on your list.  This combination gives you the bets of both worlds.


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