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Pop-up Ads Work

By: Kevin Nunley

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You click to a web site and just as your browser gets there, a little ad pops up in a separate frame.

These ads (which drive a lot of us nuts) are known as pop-up ads.  Contrary to what you might think, pop-up ads are one of the best performing strategies in online advertising.

Businesses can track exactly how many people click the ad off, how long they look at the ad, and how many click to the advertised site and buy.

So far the statistics are quite interesting.  A big 80 percent of people click the ad off.  But 20 percent keep the ad open, many for a lengthy period of time while they are reading the site.

Frankly this puts the popularity quotient of those pesky pop-ups right up there with radio and TV commercials.

Make your pop-up ad more effective by insisting it run on sites related to what your ad is selling.  You will see fewer people click your ad off as an annoyance and you will get many more acting on the ad.

Avoid programs that have your ad pop up on unrelated sites after the visitor leaves the site.  These get you impressions, but are poor on results.


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