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Oh, Those Missing Traffic-Catchers: Whose Fault is it?

By: Robert A. Kelly

Bob Kelly, public relations counselor, was director of public relations for Pepsi-Cola Co.; AGM-Public Relations, Texaco Inc.; VP-Public Relations, Olin Corp.; VP-Public Relations, Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co.; director of communications, U.S. Department of the Interior, and deputy assistant press secretary, The White House., Website:

Could our sales promotion colleagues be to blame? Because if you're a marketer selling a product or service online, you want to steer as many web surfers as possible to your website. But you  need specialized, traffic-catching web names to do the steering for  you. So, you want your promotion people to locate the kind of super-sizzling promotional name you need to redirect online traffic to your website.

Yet, many online marketers (and their promotion advisors) seem averse to using sales-lead traffic-catchers, although a few big boys actually do use them. Mentholatum, for example, catches online traffic with, Marriott steers traffic to its website with and Kraft Foods catches its share of surfers with Still other traffic-catching winners include Reynold Wrap's, Aeron Chair Company's and Arm & Hammer's - each a promotionally intriguing and exciting web identity likely to attract surfers to the desired website.

But despite these worthy few, a look at free standing ad inserts in the newspapers, or in consumer magazine ads, television commercials or Internet websites seldom shows a company using an online, traffic-catching, PROMOTIONAL web name. Most online marketers still use plain, old identifiers which almost never offer the sizzling lure of a traffic-catcher name specially designed to get web surfers to click over to the sponsor's website.

Once the online sales promotion fraternity recognizes the ability of sizzling traffic-catchers to move web surfers to their client's websites, there'll be plenty to look at: for example, a manufacturer promoting a new line of cordless appliances could start catching web traffic with, while a franchisor trolling for entrepreneurs might catch them with or An airline  or hotel chain spotlighting its super service may attract surfers with or, and a publisher of  children's books could well catch surfers interested in manners with Even a precious metals firm can go for the traffic with, while a cookware maker sizzles up its online sales with the traffic-catcher, and a children's TV producer attracts surfers with

Nevertheless, until a lot more online sales promotion people see  value in moving beyond passive identifiers to the  new breed of active promotional web identities - traffic-catchers designed to attract surfers to a target website -- their Internet-marketer clients will be crippled in their efforts to promote their products and services online.

© Copyright, 2001, Robert A. Kelly

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