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Non-Threatening Sales Call

By: Kevin Nunley

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It is often easier to get a client to buy if you don't seem like you are trying to sell to them something.

Many of us get our guard up when we see a sales person in selling mode.

Here is a soft sell technique that works well.  First send your information to a customer.

Let a few days pass to give the customer time to read it. Then call.

Ask the customer if she received your information and had time to look it over.  Then offer to clarify points or add additional information that may not have been covered in the material.

This method lets you get a conversation going with the customer, talking about your product or service, without trying to sell them.  Later, once the customer is clearly interested and at ease, you can present your offer.

Don't be surprised if the customer hasn't read your material yet or can't remember where they put it.  Say "That's OK, here are some of the main points it covers."


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