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Site Visitors Not Buying? Make Things Easier on Them!

By: Meredith Pond

Meredith Pond is a professional and freelance writer with extensive experience working on the web. Meredith provides writing and editing services to individuals and businesses alike at the best prices around. See for details. Contact Meredith directly at

It's no secret that the society we live in today likes to take the easy road.  We come up with inventions and spend billions of dollars a year on things that make life easier for us: cars, appliances, computers, gadgets... you name it, we've probably bought it.

People have made billions of dollars making things easier for the public at large.  So, why can't you enhance your bottom line the same way?  If you want people to be attracted enough to your business to actually place an order, you've got to make it easier for them to use you instead of the competition.

So how do you make things easier for your potential customers? First of all, if you don't already take credit cards, start now. Research shows that business who allow online credit card transactions do far more business than those who don't.  You'll most likely have to pay for a merchant account, but it's definitely worth it because your sales volume will increase by leaps and bounds.  If you're not ready for that or really can't afford it, try using a service like Paypal.  Anyone with an account (and a lot of people have them) can use their credit card
or even their bank account to send you money via email.

Next, you know how much people hate paperwork.  If your business requires people to provide extensive documentation or fill out lots of forms just to place an order, try drastically reducing or eliminating that paperwork altogether. If you can't do that, at least let customers fill out forms online or allow them to give you the information over the phone.

Now, everyone knows that buying products and services costs money.  But if you can charge people less for your products, reduce your fees, or offer a few freebies, you're definitely making it easier on people to buy.  After all, what's easier than saving money?

The bottom line?  When given the choice, people will almost always take the easier route.  If you can be that route, you'll become busier than you ever dreamed you'd be.

© Copyright 2001, Meredith Pond

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