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The Body of Public Relations

By: Ana Ventura

Ana Ventura specializes in helping businesses, organizations, and individuals get media coverage. She is a PR expert at DrNunley's , a site specializing in affordable publicity services.  Reach Ana at or 801-328-9006.

When broken down, public relations is really nothing more than a set of parts placed together to function as a whole, not unlike a living body. Each of these components performs a specified function, so that when combined with the other parts, the operation smoothly performs the task at hand.

Let's start off at the top. The head of your operation is the strategy you choose to use. This falls under the two options: targeted and non-targeted public relations. If you choose to target an audience, this means that you will be appealing to a specific group of people. Non-targeted public relations, on the other hand, mean that you choose to appeal to the masses.

Targeting your audience is usually the better way to go, because you already know that the people that will come into contact with your efforts have an interest in whatever it is you are marketing. This approach focuses on quality, not quantity, which can usually bring in more results than the mass non-targeted PR campaigns.

The arms of your pr consist of how you choose to get your information to people. Press releases, public speaking, self promotion articles, and media kits are a few of the ways that many Public relations specialists go about getting their company's name out there.

Of course, public relations need something solid to stand on, which is where integrating pr comes in. By reprinting or reusing articles and blurbs in your marketing that arose within your PR campaign, you are ensuring maximum exposure. You can also turn feature length articles into manuscripts and books about your topic. This will establish your credibility as an expert in your field.

Finally, the heart of your public relations might be the most important bit of the PR body. Give your audience and offer. It doesn't matter how much free information you hand out, many people will not respond until they see an offer. Key components of your offer are clean, persuasive language, as well as keeping neutrality in the offer. This will give your customers a reason to come back to you.

Integrating all of the components of a great PR campaign is a surefire way to get your company's name acknowledged in your field.

© Copyright 2001, Ana Ventura.

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