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Tell Us. Who Are Your Customers?

By: Kevin Nunley

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Marketing works better if it tells us who the product or service is intended for.

Most advertising has a target audience. Unfortunately, ads usually don't tell us what kind of person they are after.

Your marketing could start "Are you running a business from home, but don't have a low-cost way to pull in new customers?"  People with the problem you can solve immediately understand your marketing is directed at them.

If you sell a high-priced product to corporate bosses, your ad can begin "For the CEO too busy putting out fires to take care of business."  You can bet lots of corporate chiefs would sit up and take notice.

I have often wondered why radio stations, who carefully define the ages and lifestyle of their target audience, don't tell us up-front who should be listening to them.

"Soft Hits for People At Work" would tell me who should be listening and who would really benefit.  It doesn't leave customers wondering if it is for them.

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