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Tell 'Em Your Core Benefits

By: Kevin Nunley

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If someone buys your product or service, how will it improve their life?

Customers always want to know what is in it for them.  In fact, their insistence on knowing how you can help them is so strong they'll quickly turn away if you don't tell them fast.

Make a list of the core benefits your product or service gives to customers.
  • You save the customer time so she can live her life.
  • You help the customer save money so he can afford something special.
  • You make the customer feel safe, sexy, or important.
  • You help the customer relax, understand their potential, and reach goals.
Don't just tell people you can make their car get 20 more miles to the tank.  Also give them the benefits: they save $3 per tank and have to fill up less often.

Include one or two of your core benefits in your headline. List more, connecting features with benefits, in the first third of your marketing copy.

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