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Let Your Visitors Choose Your Keywords

By: Maria Marsala

Maria Marsala is a trained Business & Life Coach and graduate of Coach University. Prior to forming Maria's Place for Holistic Evolution, she was a trader and manager on Wall Street and a director at a non-profit company in NY. Maria is also an Internet writer, hosts a monthly OnLine column for the Seattle New Times, and is the Business Calendar Manager for the Kitsap Business Journal. She maintains her own websie which is located at

Sometimes we can be too close to our own websites. For example, while one person might call their rates - "rates"... you might call them "fees" or "price" or "cost" or "rack rate". Here's an unusual way to learn what "keywords" (words you use to find a web site using a search engine such as google) to add to your webpages and to maybe gain a little objectivity about your site, as well.

In the interest of making my growing web site easier for you - my viewers-to use, a few months ago I added an internal search engine feature to the home page. One of the bonuses of the program I chose is that I receive a weekly (and monthly) report showing what words viewers are using to locate different things on my site. By watching the words you're using, I know better which "keywords" to add to my site to make it easier for search engines to find.

The program I recommend and use is This system is free if your website is less than 32Mb of space. You'll receive a free weekly (and monthly) search report, automatic page updates, a site map (a listing of your web page and what pages link to other pages on your website) and a what's new page, if you'd like one.

You also receive the code to set up the search engine box on your site, which can be customized and includes a small ad for the company. When someone uses the search feature, they'll be provided with a few more ads, but so far, I haven't found any ads that would put my site out of integrity.

So let your website visitors help you determine the best keywords to use on your site. After all, they are the people you want to find your website - your potential clients. Add an internal search engine to your site this year!

© 2002 Maria Marsala, Business & Life Coach, All Rights Reserved

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