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Blame it on Your Web Site: Why Good Copy is the Only Way to Success

By: Meredith Pond

Meredith Pond is a professional and freelance writer with extensive experience working on the web. Meredith provides writing and editing services to individuals and businesses alike at the best prices around. See for details. Contact Meredith directly at

Let's face it: the economy is in a slump right now and a lot of businesses are struggling.  Thousands have been laid off, and still others have ventured into the world of Internet business only to fail.

However, even with our economy slipping and things on the home front still a bit unstable since 9-11, there are a handful of people out there -- a big handful -- who continue to make a good living on the Net.  How are these people defying the odds?  With quality web sites full of compelling copy.

No matter our economic circumstances, selling can still work. When times are bad, your copy just has to be that much better. If you haven't had it re-written lately, now would be a good time to look into it.  Stale copy makes for stale sales, while fresh copy can breathe new life into your business in a matter of days.

If your sales have taken a dip lately you're certainly not alone,but does that make you feel any better?  Probably not much. Think about this: how many people are looking at your site every day?  Hundreds?  Thousands?  Now, out of those people, how many of them are buying something?  20?  50?

If you're getting the traffic but not selling much, there's really nothing else to blame but your web site.  The most important, persuasive part of your site isn't the graphics or the background color-- it's the words and the way they speak to your visitors.  If people like what you have to say, and you can persuade them to buy without insulting their intelligence, you're bound for success.

If you don't feel you can come up with copy that really sells, by all means, hire a professional to write it for you. Positive changes in your web copy will have a positive effect in your sales, and whatever you paid to have the copy re-written is bound to pay for itself in no time at all.

© Copyright 2002, Meredith Pond

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