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Signs That Sell!

By: Kevin Nunley

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Signs can have exceptional power in advertising. They do not need to be large billboards in order to have a strong effect. Small signs such as store signs, banners, signs on trees, and poster-type signs, can all greatly impact your business. They make an unconscious impression on your potential customer. Signs catch the eye of those who are passing by and often result in sales.

There are a few important things to remember when making your sign. Most successful signs use very few words, usually no more than six. This will make it easier for your prospective customer to remember your advertisement.  Make sure that you have a good headline. A few powerful words that you might want to include in your headline could be "you", "now",  "fast", or "proven".

Using some type of graphic on a sign is almost as important as the wording in the overall effect. Graphics could include the lettering, the colors, or the design of your sign.

Make sure your graphic compliments or helps explain your text. For example, "Pies like Mother used to make" might have a graphic of a women holding a steaming pie down for a young boy or girl to see. This helps get the meaning and feeling of your message
across to people who may be driving by your sign at high speed.

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