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Using a Publicist

By: Kevin Nunley

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If you have a major advertising campaign underway, you should also have a big publicity program going as well. Your ads not only get the attention of potential customers, they also attract the attention of editors, producers, and writers in the media. Your chances of getting free media publicity during a major ad campaign are quite good.

Don't leave it to chance. Take a two-tiered approach. Send out well-written press releases to all the media in your town, region, or even nationwide. You never know who will pick up a story. Sending your material to everyone (especially cheap with email) is a very good idea.

Then go one step further. Get a publicist to work with you. Publicists take a much more concentrated, hands-on approach to getting you covered by media. They often call TV producers and pitch your story, or write pieces about you and query them to specific magazines or newspapers.

Look in your local Yellow Pages to find qualified publicists. Many work with firms specializing in public relations and are members of the PRSA (Public Relations Society of America). Many advertising agencies do publicity as well. Some agencies specialize in getting media coverage for specific industries.

Publicists aren't cheap. Good ones start at $2,000 per month. But that's money you need to spend if you're also investing in a big ad drive.

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