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Winning With Branding

By: Laurie Rogers

Laurie Rogers is the co-author of the Ezine Resource Guide. She is also the owner of 3 successful businesses, including Optin Frenzy - a paid list building service Laurie is also a feature writer for DEMC eMagazine

If I were to ask you what K.D. was, you would undoubtedly know it is a short form associated with Kraft Dinner. There probably aren't many people who have not heard of "Kraft Dinner" or who have not eaten it at one point in their life.

In fact, if I was to ask you to take a look in your cupboard now, chances are, the majority of you would even have a box of it in there!

If asked you who Eminem was, the chances are, you would know who he was too. You may not exactly like him or his music, but the fact is, you still know who he his. There's no possible way you could miss hearing about him, as he is the most talked about "BAD Boy Rapper" currently in the music industry today.

Now, I am certainly not going to tell you to go out and break the law to make yourself famous online. Because you want
to be able to actually spend all your hard earned money! Although branding yourself effectively consists of a lot of work, it isn't worth that kind of fame. If you apply the correct techniques it will not seem like much "work" at all! Now that we have that covered I'm going to tell you, what has worked for me.

When I first became a publisher - I was "widely known" for my "tell it like it is - attitude". In fact, if you were to go to my site and read all the testimonials, that's exactly what you would read. My fellow publishers loved the fact that I had the "guts" to tell people what I really thought and because they liked my demeanor, they would send me "referred subscribers" on a regular basis.

Most people are familiar with me because I co-authored a best selling ebook with Jimmy D. Brown, (Ezine Resource Guide). But despite that there were a lot of people who still had NO idea who I was. So, I began writing a lot of articles on a very controversial subject - "spam", which in turn, gave me the opportunity of becoming a "Featured Writer" for one of the internet's most "prominent" ezines - DEMC.

If you want to win with Branding, this is what you need to do:
  1. Give people one thing that they can associate your name with. And as an eg., the very first thing that people see in my signature file is - Laurie Rogers is the Co-Author of Ezine Resource Guide. Hundreds, if not thousands of people own that book, so when people read it, they know right off the bat, who I am.

  2. Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone at times to get "known". Write about popular topics, but use a different approach than other people do. Compare topics to applicable scenarios that you see in "real life", just as I did above with "Kraft Dinner and Eminem". Make your article one to remember!

  3. Express your true feelings to your audience and be yourself, you will get more referrals and respect the long run.

  4. Be consistent! Just as it does with everything else, being consistent pays off in the long run. This is exactly where people fail because they are not consistent with their efforts. They don't advertise on a regular basis, which means less sales - Branding works the exact same way, the more promotion you do, the more recognition you will receive.
By using the techniques above, you can easily win with branding - I guarantee it.

© Laurie Rogers, 2002

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