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How I got my Article Read by 500,000 Subscribers!

By: David McKenzie

David McKenzie is the author of a new e-book titled “How To Write Free Articles and Market Them With a $0 Marketing Budget” Get a Free 5 Day Email Course

Writing articles is a fantastic way to get free, targeted traffic to your web site. If you direct this traffic to products or services you are selling directly or through affiliate programs this is a great way to boost sales.

An article I recently wrote was featured in the weekly newsletter that goes out to over 500,000 webmasters and web site owners.

I did not submit my article directly with AddMe, so I assume they picked up my article from one of the dozens of article resource sites that I regularly submit to.

Since my article appeared in the newsletter I have received an enormous amount of traffic.

Guess what?

It's free traffic and it's targeted traffic.

You see, anyone that was interested in reading my article had the opportunity to click on the link in the resource box at the end of the article. This was a link back to my web site. (Many people are curious as to what else you might be offering at your web site so will click the link just to have a look.)

Boy did I get a lot of people hitting that link!

This meant a lot of free, targeted traffic to my web site. It was free because I did not pay anything for it and it was targeted because only people who liked my article went on to click the link.

But that's not all it gave me.

With this additional traffic it gave me the opportunity of making extra sales. That's precisely what happened - lots more sales.

Also, because the traffic was targeted the conversion ratio of that traffic to sales was that much higher. Targeted traffic leads to a greater percentage of visitors buying your product or service.

Just by writing that article and having a large subscriber base newsletter featuring it meant extra sales for me.

So while others are struggling with search engine rankings, or worse still, PAYING for their traffic, I am happy to stick to this powerful traffic generating system: Writing Articles.

If you want lots of targeted, free traffic then write some articles on your chosen subject and submit them to the article resource sites.

Maybe a newsletter with over 500,000 subscribers will feature your article!

© Copyright, David McKenzie, 2002

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