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Marketing With Nonverbal Communication

By: Kevin Nunley

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Nonverbal communication is an important part of the selling process. With body language or physical movements you might say something that you don't even mean to! People believe body language even when the words might contradict it. Often, understanding the wants and feelings of others is far more important than understanding their words.

Posture definitely communicates emotion. There are two body postures: rising and sinking. Rising is associated with energy and power. Sinking is related to discouragement or something negative. Rising and sinking motions are usually motivated  by an inner feeling or emotion.

When two people adopt similar sitting positions that usually means that there is an agreement. This is like saying "I am with you" or "I think like you". Any abrupt position shift during the meeting often means that a change of thinking has occurred.

Leaning forward shows in tensity, interest in the other person and confidence in yourself.

Body language is extremely important! With a knowledge of it, you can better understand hidden messages. It will make your communication clearer. Also, it will let you to be more persuasive by responding appropriately to what others tell you nonverbally.

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