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Be Personal!

By: Kevin Nunley

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Whenever you're trying to sell something, many things factor into whether your prospect actually buys. A few of the things a customer looks at is if they connect with you, if they like you, and if they trust you more than their competitors. Here are some ideas that might get customers to feel at ease with you.

Make sure that you focus and are sincere. If your presentation doesn't seem to respond to the customer's concerns, then try taking a different approach. Don't just go on with your prepared speech. The customer will feel like you don't care about them or their problems.

When you give a presentation, shake hands with everyone as they enter the room. Your prospects will feel a greater connection with you, and you will be able to see them as individuals.

Don't use technical language and jargon. Rehearse your presentation in advance with another person not in your field. If there is anything that they can't understand, change it. It's probably too complicated for the average customer.

Try telling a story in your presentation. People can often resist a sales pitch, but it's difficult to resist a good story. Use a "Hollywood approach." Give your story interesting characters and dialogue. Be sure to include a lesson that your prospects can relate to.

Connect with your customers emotionally as well as intellectually. You will have the edge if you can establish a personal connection with your customers.

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