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7 Secrets to Higher Sales

By: David McKenzie

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Here are 7 techniques that I am currently using to increase sales of both my own products and products that I resell through affiliate programs.

These techniques are working for me now!
  1. Using a strong guarantee on my sales page so that potential buyers know I am serious about the offer I am providing. If people are not happy with the product I want to give them their money back. By providing a strong guarantee you are turning potential buyers into buyers.

  2. Offer a free bonus. Whether it is a bonus ebook, a bonus subscription to a newsletter or a bonus email course it does not matter. Just the act of offering a bonus makes people want to buy.

  3. Tell a story. People are more interesting than products. Tell people about your story. Tell them your struggles, tell them your successes and tell them the methods that have worked best for you. They want to hear about you. Once they know more about you they will buy from you.

  4. Writing articles. I write lots and lots of articles and the more my articles are read by potential buyers the more likely they are to buy. They already have a taste of what I am offering which makes their buying decision that much easier.

  5. Offer a free newsletter. Subscribers that have been with me for a while often go on to buy one of the things I am offering. They have been receiving quality information through a newsletter and now feel more comfortable to part with their money.

  6. Use autoresponders. I use them regularly to give away free email courses and free articles. I find that people that receive my information via autoresponder often go on to buy.

  7. Being helpful. If anyone emails me for help I always go the extra mile to help them as much as possible. I try to answer all their questions and I do not sell to them. Interestingly they often go on to become buyers as well.
If you are looking to increase sales of products you sell or products you resell through affiliate programs then try some of these techniques that I use. They work!

© Copyright, David McKenzie, 2002

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