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Market With A Print Newsletter

By: Kevin Nunley

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Many companies publish printed newsletters they give out free to customers and prospects. Newsletters are used to promote a company and its products or services. In most cases, this kind of marketing is used to build a company's name and reputation rather than make direct sales.

The typical newsletter is around four pages long.  The text is usually set in 2 or 3 columns and there is hardly any white space. Often included are three or four long stories (about 1,000 words), a few shorter items, and also some photos with captions. Don't forget the caption--sixty percent of people read them.

One downside is newsletters can be considered less credible than the same information coming from a newspaper or magazine. Readers know newsletters are self-published by the company and may give a one sided view.  One benefit, however, is that a company can say whatever it wants to without worrying about being misquoted or censored by an editor.

Print newsletters can have a long life. Pack your newsletter with helpful information and watch how many people keep each issue bound for later reference. This can be a source of new business for years.

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