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What's The Best Part Of Your Story

By: Kevin Nunley

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I often tell people to "put the best part of your story" at the beginning of your web copy, ad, or press release. What's the best part of the story?

It's the part that gets people to sit up and listen. I often call it the "juicy part." If a stranger came to your office to visit today, that wouldn't be of much interest. But what if one of those strangers had a lion on a leash, or the stranger stood on her head and sang the Australian national anthem, or the stranger turned out to be Phil Donahue.

If you told this story to a friend, you would immediately start with the juicy part: Guess who came to our office today. Phil Donahue! He just walked right in, then stood on his head and sang the Australian national anthem.

You would get your friend's undivided attention for the next few minutes, no question about it.

Ad copy and press releases should do the same thing. Start with the part that will get attention.

You would be surprised how many people do it backward. The story will start at the beginning with the most boring things possible: We are a small company with 10 employees. We provide golden thinglets for the service industry. Once each week we invite a guest to see our work. Usually they are business people you wouldn't know. Yesterday was different. Phil Donahue walked in with a lion on a leash.

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