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Marketing With Voice Mail

By: Kevin Nunley

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Voice mail has become a great way for business people to avoid salespeople. By using voice mail, they can decide which calls they want to return. It is much easier for them to not call back then to say "no".

Of course, voice mail can be extremely frustrating for salespeople. Sometimes it can seem nearly impossible for a salesperson to get through to their prospects. Here are some strategies to beat voice mail at its own game.

Although I always like to leave a message (it's just one more opportunity for you to get your name in front of a prospect), some experts are saying the opposite. The theory goes you should never leave a message on voice mail if you don't have to. For the most part, prospects don't call back. Instead, keep calling until you get the real person on the phone.

If the call goes directly to the voice mail, try pushing "0" and ask the operator to page the prospect. Or you could try asking for another department. Tell whoever answers that you have the wrong extension and ask them to connect you to the "decision

Sound a bit devious? Not if what you have is good for the prospect (and I'm sure it is!).

If possible, call early in the morning or later in the evening. The "decision makers" often work longer hours than everyone else. This is likely the best time for you to get a hold of them.

If after trying everything you still have to leave a voice message, make sure you leave one that will get them to return your call. Leave only your name and phone number.  Try something like "This is Bob. I have some exciting news. Please call me at...." Or leave your main benefit "This is Bob. I've got a way you can save 20% on your costs." You'd be surprised how many people will call you just out of curiosity.

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