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How Prospects Decide

By: Kevin Nunley

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Before people buy from you, they consider a couple of things. The first thing a prospect looks at is you.  As you're trying to sell them your product or service, a customer is deciding whether they like you or if they will even listen to you. Remember, it has been said that people make a decision about you in less than seven seconds.

Another important element prospects consider is trust. Studies have shown that 71% of the purchasing decision is based on trust between the salesperson and the prospect. So, what things can you do to help make a good impression in less than seven seconds and help build trust? Here are a few ideas:

Be sure you speak slowly.  If you speak too quickly you will give the impression that you are unsure of yourself or nervous. Also remember to keep eye contact. This will help assure the prospect that you are confident and are paying attention them.

Make sure that you talk about them, their company and their goals. Ask questions, listen, and don't interrupt. People don't listen as closely when you talk about yourself.

Get to the point quickly.  People are in a big hurry these days. Don't take more of their time than you have to.  It's a good idea to ask them if it is a good time to speak. They will appreciate the fact that their needs are being considered.

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