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Succeed on Integrity

By: Lisa Lake

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From the largest to the smallest company, the key to longevity and success is integrity. You hear these types of comments all the time about well-established companies: "They treat their employees really well," "they have the best customer service I've ever seen," or "They go way above and beyond what I expected to make sure I was satisfied."

I ask you now to take the time to look at your business from the outside looking in. Ideally, how would you want to be treated as a customer, an employee, and a business associate? What standards does a business need to adhere to like super-glue in order to keep you buying from them, or to stay employed by them?

Now, take these external business standards and apply them to your own business model.

For example, if someone takes the time to listen to a presentation about your product, it is essential that you give them the gratitude they deserve, regardless of whether or not they decide to buy or become a business partner in your venture.

This also applies to the people within your organization working under your command. By maintaining an attentiveness to individuals, and never taking anything for granted, you will keep your business in the game for the long run.

The little things, the attention to details are the mortar that keeps the bricks of your business house strong. By thinking of people as people instead of potential income, you will build for your company a positive reputation and image. In these volatile financial times, this is as important as ever to maintain longevity for your business.

Here are some important small business care tips:

Follow-up notes, or calls - Sometimes it's easy when someone says "No" or "Maybe" to quickly say good-bye, then move on to the next prospect. No matter what the outcome of a sales pitch to a potential lead, always let them know how much you appreciate their giving up their precious time to listen to you. A simple phone call or thank-you note does wonders to show that.

Plus, you will have the added benefit of sticking out above the crowd. Your business will be the one they remember as one that cares.

This may seem like a very old-fashioned approach, but that is the very reason it will work. Because basic manners are becoming so rare in the twenty-first century, it will be a breath of fresh air for your potential clientele.

More than just a pat on the back - For people already in your organization, go the extra mile for hard-working associates in your business. If someone in your business is doing exceptionally well, do not fail to recognize his or her accomplishments.

Never let someone who is working hard feel that they are taken for granted. Small gifts, like movie passes, gift certificates, and lunches "On Me", in addition to the usual monetary bonuses, can do wonders to motivate, and elevate exceptional employees!

© 2002 Lisa Lake

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