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Timing is Everything--When to Write and Distribute a Press Release

By: Kahlia Hannah

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When things are timed perfectly, the results are inevitably better. Whether it's a first kiss or a punch line, saying "I love you," or saying, "Do we have deal?" Press releases must be well timed. Sending out an untimely press release is often a waste of time that elicits few, if any, results.

But how do you determine the optimum time to write and send a press release? You must keep your eyes peeled for opportunities when a press release will be appropriate, and likely to find its way into print.

The following is a list of circumstances that would warrant the sending of a press release:
  1. Official announcements, new appointments or services, and organizational accomplishments are regarded as newsworthy.

  2. If any celebrities or public figures are involved with your organization or cause, the public will be interested.

  3. Events such as open houses, tours, award ceremonies, accomplishments, anniversaries, rallies, and debates deserve publicity and will be given special attention.

  4. The reading and listening public loves controversy. Any time you make statements that involve you in controversy, such as taking a stance on a public issue, offering a prediction, or passing a resolution, people will sit up and listen.

  5. If you will be making a public appearance, or have already made one, you can get big media coverage.

  6. Tie yourself and your business in with popular controversies, debates, issues or events. Associate yourself with upcoming holidays, public service projects, or news happenings. Riding the coat tails of an established issue is an easy way to make yourself newsworthy.

  7. Watch for newspaper columns that deal with your area of expertise. Target them when you send your press release. In a regular column that relates to your interest, you can sometimes get your press release printed in its entirety

When you do send out your press release, don't ignore the small magazines, newspapers, trade publications and ezines. These publications have a smaller readership, but it is often more targeted. Large publications may be less likely to use your release because they look for information that appeals to a mass audience. Your release may not interest everyone, but it might interest a targeted audience a great deal. And if you own a small business, all you really need is a small audience.

© 2003, Kahlia Hannah

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