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Hey, What's That!

By: Kevin Nunley

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of a lengthy visit with George McKenzie, owner of A lot of people give PR advice, but few know the real deal like George. Before going online he spent many years working in television news.

George says a press release works best when the headline makes people in the media newsroom say "Hey, what's that!"

George is exactly right. I saw that situation happen many times during the years I worked in radio and TV. A press release or new story would arrive with a particularly exciting or juicy headline and word quickly spread around the newsroom.

Invariably, that story would get not only coverage, but enthusiastic coverage. The article runs on the front page of a section, the anchor person gives the lead-in a bit more effort, the radio morning show team talks about you two or three times in one hour. That's the kind of free publicity that gives your sales a giant shot in the arm.

Get the "Hey, what's that!" response by giving media a story they feel will really interest the audience. Connect your information with a super hot national headline. Connect your story with a celebrity, high-profile local issue, or scandal. Stories that are especially helpful, weird, funny, scary, or sexy get special treatment.

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