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Thinking of Marketing with Email--Insist on Ezine Advertising

By: Kevin Nunley

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Email is by far the most popular part of the Internet.  And small businesses are right to put email marketing high on their list of advertising.

But there can be a big difference in the response you can expect from different kinds of email.  Spam lists will get you almost no response at all (and could cause a heap of trouble.)  These days opt-in lists, where people have asked to receive info on certain topics, don't fare much better.  To make matters worse, opt-in lists are usually very expensive.

Your best bet by far is to advertise in ezines.  Many have thousands of subscribers who know and love the info they receive in each issue.  Putting your ad next to that appreciated information can make a huge difference in the response you get.

For best results, run your ad in several issues of an ezine--one or two months worth if you can afford it.

Some ezines offer solo ads.  That is when the publisher sends your sales letter all by itself to the subscriber list.  This usually works best if the publisher includes an introduction note before your sales copy.

Ezines that consistently feature good, valuable, helpful information are by far the most effective.  Those are the ezines that people really READ.  Many not only read all the articles, but read the ads as well.

Here are some great places to find good newsletters:

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