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10 Reasons to Publish a Newsletter

By: Ilise Benun

Ilise Benun is the Director of the Hoboken NJ-based consulting firm, Creative Marketing & Management. Her emphasis is on the human element of marketing and she offers training seminars and workshops on strategic storytelling, self-marketing, sales follow-up and other sales & marketing topics. She is the publisher of the quarterly newsletter, The Art of Self Promotion, and the author of three marketing books, including Self-Promotion Online, due out Fall 2000 from North Light Books. Visit the Web site for her newsletter or send email to

  1. It can provide an informative, soft-sell introduction to prospects.

  2. It can provide them with information they will can use.

  3. It can keep you in touch on a regular basis, without being perceived as a pest.

  4. It can keep your customers up-to-date on your services and products.

  5. It can remind prospects, past clients and colleagues that you exist and may even motivate them to contact you.

  6. It can demonstrate your expertise in a field.

  7. It can educate them when they have no time to educate themselves.

  8. It can provide an opportunity or forum for you to explain complicated products, services or offers, which is especially helpful if your business is not familiar.

  9. It can trigger more sales by providing tips on how to use your products/services. This is useful for mail order or catalog companies.

  10. It can really enhance your credibility.

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