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Marketing Mix Management

By: Peter Grant

An experienced marketing communications executive, writer and teacher, Peter Grant has been in the business development field for over 15 years, delivering information on a variety of leading-edge revenue enhancement technologies. Peter holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire (1982) and Certification for Sales and Marketing Executive from HSMAI (1992). He is now vice president of operations with The Editors.

The successful business enterprise will flourish through the aggressive and pre-planned execution of a complete "Marketing Mix" strategy in approaching revenues.
  1. Identify Audience or Vertical Market to Penetrate
  2. Allocate "Marketing Mix" Resources that Accommodate Audience in Communications Process
  3. Implement Plan
The goal is to use both active and passive mechanisms to reinforce the "impression rate", (or number of times that your audience perceives that it remembers), your corporate communications message to your target audience, leading to increased revenues.

To be truly successful, all areas of the Marketing Mix need to be pre-planned and then executed in a timely and disciplined fashion.

The World Wide Web, properly handled, can identify and address both in a passive and active mode, both current and future clients.

Marketing Mix Definitions and Action Steps

Proactivity Discipline

Actions / Results

Active / Passive Web Site
  • Crosses all boundaries in passive / active communications.
  • Great freedom by potential clients in accessing your information.
Active Direct Sales
  • Face-to-Face contact. Builds rapport, leads to proposals.
Active Telesales
  • Phone solicitation to identified customers; leads to rapport building and eventual appointment for a Direct Sales call.
Active Telemarketing Identifying potential customers through qualifying needs to have a problem solved that could be addressed through your particular product or solution.
Passive Direct Mail
  • Lists by maintaining an internal client database (from inquiries generated from advertising or from telemarketing/telesales calls.
  • Lists from purchased list service.
  • Mass mailing service (ValPak, SuperCoups).
  • E-Mail nickname lists from inquiries. We do not recommend spamming.
  • Fax blast to internally generated lists.
  • Postcard mailing program for cost-effective contact frequency.
Passive Advertising / Promotions
  • Target vertical market associations that purchase your product or service.
  • Ensure that your core corporate communications "look" (logo, slogan, graphical look) is repeated in any advertisement.
  • Vertical Market trade show participation
  • "Free Introductory Program" exists within your communications goals.
  • Standardized Corporate Communications look to all of your marketing efforts (Logo, stationary, brochures, advertisements, etc.). This acts to reinforce your impressions rate.
Passive Public Relations
  • Monthly Press Release and Backgrounder to all vertical market associations.
  • Monthly release to horizontal / territory markets to build perception and retention of your core products, services and corporate identity.

The implementation of the above "Marketing Mix" objectives in a timely and well-focused manner should ensure the relative success of any enterprise that has done appropriate market research to determine the viability of it’s concept.

© Copyright 1999, Peter Grant, The Editors

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