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How to Use Tip Sheets to Promote Your Business

By: Ilise Benun

Ilise Benun is the Director of the Hoboken NJ-based consulting firm, Creative Marketing & Management. Her emphasis is on the human element of marketing and she offers training seminars and workshops on strategic storytelling, self-marketing, sales follow-up and other sales & marketing topics. She is the publisher of the quarterly newsletter, The Art of Self Promotion, and the author of three marketing books, including Self-Promotion Online, due out Fall 2000 from North Light Books. Visit the Web site for her newsletter or send email to

The goal of marketing is to make your prospect comfortable enough to say yes to working with you. But while one prospect may need a fancy brochure, another may not be comfortable unless he meets with you. Underneath it all, your prospects just want to trust you.

Use tips to gain that trust. Don't be stingy. Show them you know what you're talking about. Go ahead and give them a freebie. And don't worry that once they have this information in hand, they won't need you. It doesn't work that way. Information is's help that we need. 

How To Use Tip Sheets
  1. Tip Sheet Press Release. Editors are on the lookout for information that will be useful to their readers. And like everyone else, they're looking to save time. Turn your press release into a tip sheet and they'll reprint directly from it, often with a blurb about you. Follow this format and chances are, you'll get some publicity. And you'll look like the expert.

  2. Tip Sheet Promotional Newsletter. Promotional newsletters are perfect vehicles for tips. However, most newsletters give nothing but news about a company, its products and services. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but fluff is less interesting to your prospects than practical ideas and solutions to their problems. A balance of the two can satisfy everyone's needs. So turn your newsletter into a tip sheet and your clients won't be able to throw it away.

  3. Tip Sheet Brochure. Besides using this newsletter as a press release, I also use it as my brochure. It clearly conveys my perspective, as well as a sampling of the kinds of marketing recommendations I make. By reading it, my prospects can usually tell if they want to work with me. The only thing missing that a brochure might have are the details of how I work, such as fees and specific services offered, which can easily be taken care of either on the phone and in a personal letter.

© Copyright 2000, Ilise Benun

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