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Effective Corporate Taglines
Drive home your company message in a single line

By: Sudhir S. Shetty

Sudhir Shetty has more than five years of corporate communications experience working for multinational companies. As assistant manager of business development at Phoenix Global Solutions, his responsibilities include corporate communications, internal communications, marketing communications and the conceptualization and execution of events and roadshows. Phoenix Global Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hartford, Connecticut-based Phoenix Companies Inc., has facilities in Hartford, USA, and Bangalore, India, with alliance partners in Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Australia, United Kingdom, Oman, Argentina and other countries.

Why do we need a tagline?
Taglines or slogans help us position our product/organization the way we want in the minds of our customers. Tag lines reflect
  • The positioning and brand personality
  • The Core values
  • And The brand message of the organization

A single line is able to communicate the core message of the organization, which would have otherwise been difficult to communicate through any other channel or mode of communication.

Effective Taglines
Taglines have a high recall value, target constituencies tend to remember them for a long period of time, for instance, Coke tagline "Always Coca Cola" is remembered to this date. The Budweiser "This Bud's for You,'' Nike's " Just do it", Volkswagen's " Drivers wanted" are few other popular taglines that managed to create the right buzz around the brand.

Effective Taglines create a sense of relationship with the product/company. Moreover, people tend to use some of the catchy taglines in their daily vocabulary, which indicates the popularity of the taglines amongst the target.

Taglines give an insight into the company's philosophy, services and offerings. A good tagline is related to the product/company's promise and can help reinforce and educate the potential customer about the company.

How do we create effective taglines?
Taglines should be short, crisp and to-the-point. It should be able to reflect the company's vision and depict the right attitude. The best possible way to create a good tagline is to do a soul search, understand the brand/company's positioning and personality. This soul search will be able to generate a list of tagline options, which would echo the company's message. The challenge however, would be to choose the right tagline from this list.

The chosen tagline could be reviewed through a sample audience group, the tagline could be then given the go-ahead if it elicits positive response.

Synergy with the organization's Logo
The tagline should be designed to ensure perfect synergy with the company logo. The font and the styling of the tagline should adhere to the organization logo, color code and corporate guidelines.

Review taglines on a periodic basis
On a periodic basis, we need to review the relevance of the tagline with the company's vision and line of communication at that point in time. Incase the tagline fails to reflect the company's message, then it should be removed from the logo. The option would be to then either recreate the tagline or go without it.

Tag a line
So if you wish to make that "connect" with your customer, you know what to do? Just tag a thought, add a tagline to your logo.

© Copyright 2003 Sudhir S. Shetty

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