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Advertising tips that'll have customers lining up at your door!

By: Jennifer Johnstone

Jennifer Johnstone is an experienced promotions professional. After seven years as Director of Promotions for an insurance company, she now runs Design Central, a marketing communications firm that provides desktop publishing and writing services for sales and marketing collateral.

You're busy trying to run a business, and it's hard to find the time (or the money!) to launch a successful advertising campaign! To make the most of your time and money, you need to follow the age-old adage: work smart, not hard.

Following are some advertising ideas that will bring in the customers!  Whether you use just one idea or all of them, you will be sure to see results!


Instead of spending money on expensive brochures or spending your time stuffing envelopes, try postcards for your next mailing. Postcards are less costly to print, less expensive to mail and if done correctly, they can really pack a punch!

Use eye-catching colors and a brief, powerful message.  The best part is that you can afford to do postcard mailings more often, which means your prospects are more likely to remember you!


There are many ways to get your name out there without spending a lot of money.  Join your local Chamber of Commerce, link your website to other local sites, and get your business listed in online and local printed directories.


Sometimes you can work out an arrangement with another company that will help both of you!  Choose another local vendor and find out if they would consider handing out a coupon for your product or service with each sale that they make.  In return, you include one of their coupons with your sales.

The coupons may be for anything you wish, such as a ten percent discount or a free service such as delivery.  With this arrangement, both companies will be sure to benefit from an increase in their business!


Many search engines offer affiliate programs.  If you agree to post their banner on your website, they will provide links to your site at no charge.  In addition, you may earn small commissions each time a visitor to your site clicks on their banner.

Keep your eyes open to new ways for you to promote your business.  There could be numerous advertising opportunities right under your nose -- all you have to do is look for them!

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