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1-2-3 Success! Build Your Personal Brand and Expand Your Success
  By: William Arruda
In a world where cities, wars, CEOs, politicians and highways are branded, you need to think about yourself in the same terms. So build and nurture your brand. There are three simple steps. Leading you along one clear path to success.

A Web-Branding Blueprint For The Experience Economy
  By: Jerry Bader
Change is inevitable; as an economy matures, ages, and ultimately evolves into something new, adjustments must be made to our business development, marketing and branding Failure to adapt to new realities results in potentially unwanted dramatic consequences.

Brand-Personality Self-Analysis: Finding Your Brand's Emotional Aftertaste
  By: Jerry Bader
Marketing is difficult because it is unlike any other business discipline. Most of our business day is filled with left-brain tasks that may be complex but are for the most part logical and procedural in nature whereas marketing and branding are right-brain activities governed by that hated enemy of rational business thinking, psychology.

Branding Basics
  By: Phillip Davis
Is it possible to actually "own" a word in everyone's mind? The short answer is "Yes!". (Or perhaps Yahoo!) You can own just about any word in any language, or even create new ones, if you understand the dynamics behind branding. Take for example Amazon, Monster and Virgin. None of these names have any direct correlation to the companies they represent, but they have become so well known, that in some cases, they have surpassed the original meaning of the word. Google has become so ubiquitous that it's often used as a verb, as in "I googled to find the best deal on a watch."

Branding Efforts Drive Sales When Combined with Direct Response
  By: David Poulos
The term "Branding" has been in use in American marketing vernacular since the 1800s, first being used for cattle in the west to identify members of the herd belonging to a single owner, but branching out to consumer goods shortly thereafter . . .

Branding Fiasco -- Better be who you say you are!
  By: Eileen McDargh
Our experience as customers offers great instruction into the concept of branding. Here are three branding lessons learned from one frustrating experience.

Branding On The Web Is Like Mining For Fools Gold
  By: Lee Traupel
Ten hints to building an effective B2B brands online.

Branding, Positioning and Differentiation
  By: Scott White
Different products need to be different brands with different names. However, the only thing common about this sense is that it's all too commonly ignored in the hopes of cheating risk and the possibility of failure.

Branding: An Anatomy of FlyLady
  By: Susan Dunn
To be brandable you must be unique, and consistent. Have something special to offer of quality - know what it is, and capitalize on it. Branding relates directly to the EQ competency of integrity. What you stand for, you must deliver.

Color-Blind Customers of Today
  By: Naseem Javed
Today, it seems that all corporate identity firms have clearly run out of unique, powerful names and are now trying using specific colors as a calling device to identify a corporation.

Creating Brand Instrumentality Beyond The Product
  By: Dr. Dan Herman
The main reason for the general fascination with brands is their ability to provide the consumers an extra value in addition to what the productservicecompany themselves can provide. A value which becomes the major motivation for consumers to desire the product.

Differentiation is the Key in Financial Services Branding
  By: Anish V. Koshy
If you are a financial services organization, following these factors will ensure that your customers correctly understand your brands' value.

Don't Be Changing When You Should Be Saming
  By: William Arruda
For you to build and maintain a strong brand, you must be consistent. Strong brands don't change their promise of value. They communicate their unique promise of value through all that they do. This is an important thread that links all of the world's most successful brands.

Dry Fruits Of Ethiopia?
  By: Naseem Javed
Think, not too long ago, the chopped head of Sir Thomas Moore, one of my favorite Saints, was hanging at the city gates of London. Despite his vision of Utopia, a brilliant discovery of that dark period plus his great thoughts that provided some continued hope for the later centuries; his head still went to the block

Express Yourself
  By: William Arruda
Madonna was doling out some great branding advice when she sang 'Express Yourself. Don't Repress Yourself.' Known for being the chameleon of show business, Madonna is one of the world's strongest brands and someone who understands the value of clearly and consistently expressing herself.

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Match: Any word     All words
Note: Searches will not find words, such as 'marketing', that appear in more than half of the articles or words less than five letters long.


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