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Go Out And Get Referrals
  By: Kevin Nunley
Recently a survey asked major companies where most of their customers come from. A whopping 85 percent said referrals are their number one source of new business.

Guarantee Marketing
   How to Turn Your Guarantee Into A Competitive Weapon
  By: David Frey
There are a number of risks that people must hurdle over to purchase your product or service. One strategy to overcome these risks is to offer a rock solid guarantee that will make their purchase risk free, or at least decrease the risk as much as possible.

Hooked On Books? Write A Book Review For Your Target Audience
  By: Bonnie Jo Davis
If you are burned out with writing how-to articles to promote your business then consider writing a book review.

How I got my Article Read by 500,000 Subscribers!
  By: David McKenzie
Writing articles is a fantastic way to get free, targeted traffic to your web site. If you direct this traffic to products or services you are selling directly or through affiliate programs this is a great way to boost sales.

How Many Ways Can I Market Thee? Let Me Count the Ways
  By: Susan Dunn
What does it take to be a good marketer? You must love your product or service as a true love loves their beloved. It takes deep knowledge of the attributes, and unflagging enthusiasm. Marketing constantly means saying the same thing over and over. Again.

How Much Time Should You Spend Marketing?
  By: Susan Dunn
How much should you market and what's a realistic amount of time? Almost all the time!

How to Be Remembered
  By: Kevin Nunley
If a prospect says "who are you?" when they see you, you're in trouble.

How To Correct Common Marketing Mistakes
  By: Kevin Nunley
Most marketing gets held back by a few very common mistakes. This article looks at a few along with ways you can easily correct them to get your advertising back on track.

How To Market When Computers and the Internet Aren't Your Thing
  By: Kevin Nunley
So you are still stricken with fear at the thought of sending an email, posting a website or downloading...well, anything. It doesn't mean you can't successfully market your business.

How to Present Your Fees
  By: Kevin Nunley
Should I present your fees verbally or in writing? There is not really a right or wrong way. But there are pros and cons for both.

How To Use the Power of Packaging to Double Your Sales
  By: David Frey
Packaging your products and service can be a powerful marketing technique to move more products and services and add more value.

In a Hurricane, Even Turkeys Fly
  By: Andy Marken
There's a new business climate and sense of urgency in every sector of industry and commerce. The "good old days" are gone forever. It wasn't that many years ago that nearly anyone could make money in business and consumer marketing. Almost no one could fail. Or, to put it another way ... in a hurricane even turkeys can fly. ... Well, the hurricane has passed.

Information is the Present; Connection is the Future
  By: C.J. Hayden
How many times today has someone tried to sell you something? Are you even listening any more? How often do you buy something because someone you didn't know tried to sell it to you? Your clients are just like you. They are not only fed up with hype, most of the time they don't even see it. More than ever before, people want to do business with people they know, like, and trust.

Into Every Life a Little Rain Must Fall
  By: Elena Fawkner
"Into every life a little rain must fall." And into every business too. Don't have the luxury of surplus cash to fund a rainmaker for your business? Well then, it'll have to be up to you.

Is Price Really the Issue?
  By: Kevin Nunley
Before you mark your products as the lowest priced around, think about what the real value is to your customers.

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Note: Searches will not find words, such as 'marketing', that appear in more than half of the articles or words less than five letters long.


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