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It Takes Two - How to Cultivate Profitable Alliances
  By: Heidi Richards
More and more competition in the marketplace is making it necessary for companies to find creative ways to connect with customers and prospects, to enhance brand identity and attract top-notch employees. In order to enhance competitiveness in today’s marketplace, more and more companies are forming strategic alliances.

It's Easier to Assess Potential of New Product than a New Service
  By: John Malmo
It's never easy to predict the potential for new products or services, but it's a lot easier when they include genuine innovations, and in the case of knockoffs, it's easier predicting for products than for services.

Leveraging Your Marketing Investment
  By: Robert Middleton
Start looking at your marketing as an investment and try to see how that investment can be leveraged to the absolute maximum.

Love Meets Marketing: Attract Your Ideal Prospect
  By: John R. Barker
To succeed in business, particularly the small business that doesn't need to appeal to everyone, authenticity is a major key.

Maintaining Marketing Momentum
  By: Robert Middleton
Comments on an interview with Anthony Putman, author of "Marketing Your Services".

Making A Small Store Go
  By: Kevin Nunley
You've got a great idea for a new business and you've done every bit of preparation you can, but in the back of your mind you know you could fail. What can you do to make a small store go?

Marketing 101: Pay Attention to the Small Stuff
  By: Dianna Huff
Improving your marketing effectiveness can be pretty easy if you pay attention to the small stuff. A cohesive look, on-target positioning, and employee feedback will help you achieve the results you want.Important tips for more effective marketing communications.

Marketing Maxims for Today’s Challenging Times
  By: Lee Traupel
Turbulent times necessitate streamlined marketing processes that are finely honed to mesh with a sputtering global economy.

Marketing Mistakes You'd Be Smart to Avoid
  By: Susan Dunn
Ten common marketing mistakes that you will want to avoid.

Marketing the Real You
  By: C.J. Hayden
Because most business results from building relationships, and how can you develop a relationship with someone when you never reveal who you really are?

Marketing Tips from Professional Organizers
  By: Robert Middleton
Basic marketing principles (the 5 Ps) tips and techniques to attract new clients.

Marketing to Today’s “Distracted” Consumer
  By: Lee Traupel
The most precious commodity in business today is attention – getting someone’s attention and then keeping it is directly proportional to how you structure your marketing messages.

Marketing Under Pressure
  By: Tim Arnold
Marketing founder and principal partner, Tim Arnold, looks at the changing face of marketing in increasingly tough economic times and how outsourcing your entire marketing function, from top-line strategy down to delivery, may be the only answer.

Marketing VS. Technology in Today's Marketplace
  By: Andy Marken
Rather than taking potshots at one another, marketing people should help their organizations to focus all of their efforts on capturing market share. At the same time, the engineering, design and services groups should be figuring out how to give the company the tools and support they need to get their firm's unfair share of the market before the competition realizes what is going on. A cooperative effort is needed, with marketing providing the leadership and direction to the engineering, integration and service teams.

Marketing With Nonverbal Communication
  By: Kevin Nunley
Nonverbal communication is an important part of the selling process.

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Note: Searches will not find words, such as 'marketing', that appear in more than half of the articles or words less than five letters long.


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