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10 Tips To Overcome Your Fear Of Selling
  By: Dr. Rachna D. Jain
These 10 tips are designed to help you shift out of your fear, and into excitement, about sharing your product or service.

12 Keys to Tuning Up Your Sales Force
  By: Lee B. Salz
Many cars today tell the driver when it is time to perform maintenance. Even better, some tell the driver that maintenance is needed in 1,000 miles with updates along the way. It would be great if as a business executive or small business owner, you had this kind of technology at your fingertips. Unfortunately, managing a sales organization will always be a manual effort. Sure, CRMs and contact managers help, but there is no technology that replaces the leadership associated with sales management. Not sure where to dig into your sales organization? Here are twelve areas that will show just how game ready you are.

5 Common Mistakes in Selling Technology
  By: Paul DiModica
Technology sales people must deal with some challenges that are unique to their field and others that are common to all selling situations. Read about 5 common technology sales mistakes.

5 Strategies for Selling Yourself
  By: Kevin Nunley
Should you sell your product or yourself? Of course you should always sell the product. But, your long term goal should be to sell yourself as well.

7 Secrets to Higher Sales
  By: David McKenzie
If you are looking to increase sales of products you sell or products you resell through affiliate programs then try some of these techniques.

7 Ways to Stop "Selling" & Start Building Relationships
  By: Ari Galper
Sometimes we can all use a friendly reminder to keep us from backsliding into old ways of thinking about selling that lead us down the wrong path with potential clients.

9 Ways Consultants Lose Sales
  By: Michael W. McLaughlin
Any consultant can tell you there are umpteen ways to blow it during the sales cycle. Many of those potential pitfalls lurk in the proposal process.

Be Personal!
  By: Kevin Nunley
Here are some ideas that might get customers to feel at ease with you.

Be Quiet and Listen!
  By: Kevin Nunley
It is ironic that in the field of sales most of us learn to speak in order to gain commitment. Often, that is the worst thing a sales professional can do. It is better to listen much more than you talk.

Closing a Sale
  By: Kevin Nunley
Closing a sale can sometimes be as easy as simply asking. Other times, it can be much more difficult. When it is time to ask for the order, here are 3 ways to make to close the sale.

Consultative Selling for Nichepreneurs™
  By: Susan Friedmann
Achieving Riches in Niches means occupying a dual role: acting first as a skilled professional, you must also be a powerful, effective sales force. Not only do you perform the services your clients value, but you promote and market yourself as the best place to obtain those services.

  By: Sharon Drew Morgen
When I ask salespeople to define what a gatekeeper is, I generally hear: "Someone who keeps out people who will waste the boss's time." But gates are two-sided - they open as well as close: a gatekeeper's job is actually to make sure the boss gets to spend his/her time efficiently.

Get a Laugh and Make the Sale
  By: Ron Sathoff and Kevin Nunley
You can bring home a lot more sales if you learn to make customers laugh. It sets the customer at ease and immediately sets you up as someone who is fun to be with.

Get Your Customers to Say "YES"
  By: Kevin Nunley
When the customer answers yes, it's time to write up the order!

Getting an Appointment
  By: Kevin Nunley
Sometimes selling your product or service can be easier than getting the actual appointment. No matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to get the prospect to agree to meeting you face to face. Here are a few tips that may help.

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Match: Any word     All words
Note: Searches will not find words, such as 'marketing', that appear in more than half of the articles or words less than five letters long.


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