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"Interactive" is Key When Developing Web Content
  By: Dianna Huff
The most effective Web sites are more than just electronic versions of print material. This article offers some suggestions on how to make the most of the Web.

12 Tips for Writing Articles on the Internet
  By: David McKenzie
12 tips that should be helpful when you are writing articles on the internet.

Are You Playing "What's My Line?" with Your Website?
  By: Mary Sweeny
When someone arrives at your homepage, how easy is it for them to"guess your line?"

Back to Web Basics
  By: Robert Middleton
As the web gets more and more popular, business owners are starting to look more seriously at how the web can benefit their businesses.

Blame it on Your Web Site: Why Good Copy is the Only Way to Success
  By: Meredith Pond
There are a handful of people out there -- a big handful -- who continue to make a good living on the Net.  How are these people defying the odds? With quality web sites full of compelling copy.

Communications People Have No Business Running Web Sites
  By: Andy Marken
If PR or communications people get the assignment for their firm’s Web site they should shed every idea of how the communications process works and their target "audience." In today’s flattened virtual organization a Web site isn’t about ownership and control.  It's about global one-to-one communications that is a corporate issue…not a departmental issue.

Copy Fixes -- 8 Quick Changes that Improve the Way Your Web Copy Sells
  By: Kevin Nunley
When something isn't selling online, people automatically start assuming things like, "Internet businesses never make any money," or, "My product/service just isn't in-demand." What I tell people when they come to me with these statements is that there are numerous reasons why their product/service might not be selling, and that they should explore other options. For instance, have they taken a good look at their web copy lately?

Develop Quality Content to Rule the Web
  By: Sharon Housley
The age old question keeps coming up, how do you retain website visitors, how do you make visitors return to your website? The answer should come as no surprise, fresh content. Content is truly king, the fresher the content the better the site. What many webmasters fail to realize is that there is an endless supply of content on the web that is freely available to webmasters.

Give Your Website A Chance
  By: Elizabeth McGee
Do yourself a favor and attempt to apply the following tactics to your site. They won't cost you a thing except a little time and effort to apply them.

How to Get FLASH Indexed in the Search Engines
  By: Robin Nobles
Here's a solution you can use to get the best of both worlds - search engine findability and the professional image enhancement that FLASH can provide.

How To Set Up Your Own Website
  By: Michael LaRocca
This article deals solely with the mechanics of writing a website and placing it in the search engines.

Is Your Website Too Generic?
  By: Kevin Nunley
If you visit a lot of sites on the net, you'll begin to notice that most of them are exactly the same. Sure, they are selling different products and services, but on the surface they are about as different as the Olsen twins.

Most Web Sites Suck
   Here’s What to do About it
  By: Vincent Monmaur
The Five Laws presented in this article might make all the difference between a prospect that calls you and one that goes to your competitors’ websites.

On the Web, It's Content That Counts
  By: Michael T. Brandt
Have you given your advertising, product literature and other customer information a check-up lately? If you find your information ailing, start an immediate treatment program. If the diagnosis is positive, a regular review is good preventive medicine will keep it that way. The result will be higher sales and a better bottom line.

Should You Be On-line? Developing a Web Site that Works for You
  By: Dianna Huff
Why have a Web site and what makes an effective one? This article provides some of the answers.

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Note: Searches will not find words, such as 'marketing', that appear in more than half of the articles or words less than five letters long.


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