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Those Not-So-Beaut Information Products
  By: Elena Fawkner
Granted, the Internet is an information medium. Granted, information products do sell very nicely indeed online. But not if all you're doing is selling someone else's product in isolation.

Top Seven Ways to Tune up your Website
  By: Philippa Gamse
Here are my suggestions for a Web site tune-up audit. Take a fresh look at your site and your promotional strategy with these pointers.

War of Words
   How the Way Your Website is Written Can Mean Life or Death for Your Business
  By: Meredith Pond
Every site on the Internet is vying for people's time and attention. If your site can't compete with all the others, you won't sell a thing.

Weather Strip You Website to Keep Traffic In
  By: Heather Reimer
If you have a sneaking suspicion that your site isn't as airtight as it should be, here are a few culprits that could be stealing your stick.

Web Content--Why it Should be First on Your To-Do List
  By: Kevin Nunley
If you're going to have a website, you have to have content. Content is a word with a broad meaning, encompassing everything you publish on your website. Sounds pretty important, doesn't it? It is more than important; it is vital. And yet, content has found itself pushed to the back of the line behind technology and design.

Website Savvy: 10 Key Steps to Turn Your Customers ON!
   How to turn slightly interested customers into Iíve got to have it! customers!
  By: Carmen Wisenbaker
Many times when looking for products to purchase, Carmen Wisenbaker comes across many websites that tend to hinder the sale. This article covers her favorite pet peeves about what to do and what not to do, in order to get your customer to purchase online.

What To Expect From Your Website
  By: Kevin Nunley
How to increase the sales to visits "conversion rate" of your Web site.

Write Your Way to Credibility
  By: Meredith Pond
If you're trying to do business anywhere, especially online, you can never overestimate the impact and importance of good old-fashioned credibility.

Writing a Website that Sings!
  By: Meredith Pond
Even the best products and services can be hidden in obscurity when covered by a blanket of bad website copy. So what can you do to make sure your copy sings the praises of not only your product, but your business smarts and credibility as well?

WWW: World's Worst Writing?
   Why businesses should invest in the copy on their Web sites, not just the design
  By: Todd Marchand
Not so many years ago, when desktop publishing burst onto the scene, consumers snapped up easy-to-use software like Microsoft Publisher and The Print Shop, applying the programs' tools to greeting cards, flyers, even corporate newsletters. The inevitable result: reams of designs teeming with novelty fonts and clip art - whatever, it seemed, was possible if not tasteful. A similar phenomenon accompanied the growth of the World Wide Web. With readily available design tools, amateur designers began cranking out page after page of illegible text with garish backgrounds, animated icons and more.

Your Web Copy is Too Skimpy to Work!
  By: Keller Flynn
Most sites that aren't doing their job have a complete lack of good, clear, easy-to-understand copy. While the Internet has lots of eye-catching graphics, it's still media that delivers its messages through writing and reading. Use these tips to make your web copy effective and your web site sell

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Match: Any word     All words
Note: Searches will not find words, such as 'marketing', that appear in more than half of the articles or words less than five letters long.


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